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2020 Rings in a New Age!

May 27, 2020.

This year will be the beginning of a global transformation we have not seen in recent history. The changes that are now set in motion will completely transform the past century essentially.

I’m writing this to make you aware that while many are already aware of this information, the vast masses are not yet aware, because regular media outlets will either not cover it, or they are hindering attempts to disseminate it. I’m writing this today, to create a TIME-STAMP on the internet to tell you today about things that will be revealed soon, in due time. (if I were to be wrong on some, you can remind me, and I’ll happily admit it!)

Many of these things cannot yet be fully “proven” or exactly “timed”. The critical reader and independent thinker will take these points, however, to further ponder, reflect, follow and research… and independently verify and come to your own conclusions. You will KNOW (instinctively) whether these things are true…. especially once they happen for all to witness.

If these bits of information resonate with you, and you instinctively feel the truth, then you will more easily and more quickly find other sources which will verify and mirror the information presented here.

If it does NOT resonate with you, then the time of these revelations are NOT YET for YOU. All will happen in due time. Every person will awaken at a different rate. Some quicker, some slower… (and others may NOT)

DISCLAIMER: Feel free to “screen-shot” this or otherwise save this,… and compare later. If I’m wrong, I’ll be glad to admit so. But if I’m right, then at least have the greatness and integrity within you, to let me and others know! 🙂

Much of what I will say here will sound “crazy” or “far-fetched”, or even be uncomfortable. GOOD! It was for me, too. These went against my proper programming of 45 years in this lifetime, and I had to come to grips with it myself before accepting it and knowing it to be true, despite the pressures of ridicule, name-calling, alienation, and outright hostility by others. (Cognitive Dissonance, anyone?)

Where to begin???? …Let’s just dive right in (in no particular order):

Some initial premises you will need to understand first:
(old established programming needs to be undone)

The Mainstream Media (MSM) is NOT an independent, truth-seeking, even-handed or impartial source of “truth” or “real news”. They are neither free nor independent. Yes, they do lie, they do censor, and they do libel/slander, and to spin content according to their received orders from above.

Anything NOT fitting the prevailing, mandated narrative is automatically defamed, ridiculed, censored, and labeled as “conspiracy theory”, which is the Deep State code for “non-conformant” or “non-compliant”. In this present day and age, alternate views or opinions are NOT tolerated or deemed valid in any way. Meaningful discourse is impossible. George Orwell would be proud (not!).

If you have been obtaining most (all?) your media coverage from state funded media (those 3- or 4-letter ones), or from highly partial outlets like Wikipedia, Snopes, or if you “TRUST” sources like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Bing, and other platforms to be evenhanded, impartial (neutral?), or fair and accurate in their “reporting” or their content-policies, then you are in for a sore surprise.

Censorship is very alive and well, and no, they do not accept or tolerate other views, and being privately held companies, there is very little you can do about it. Their mantra is: “our content, our rules, if you don’t like it, don’t be here.” Either agree to be lied to, mislead, censored or otherwise suppressed and deceived, or just to get your reliable, indenpedent information elsewhere. (this holds true for MSM in any country).

Most modern governments in the world are NOT duly elected or appointed by their people as it would appear. The actual power structure emanates from the global “Deep State” in the hands of a handful of family dynasties and other shadow-entities. The openly visible portions of government are essentially “for show”.

Artificial Divide: All polarization and division among people is artificial and deliberate, exploiting our programming to think in duality terms, because then we’re easily distracted and controlled. (race, religion, gender, orientation, socio-political views, values, etc.). The “us versus them” is one of the most effective ways to sow discord.

The Illusion of Choice: Much has been done over the past 100+ years to divide, manipulate and control humans and to make them obedient and ‘dumbed-down’. Social norms, religious views, education/indoctrination, social injustice, racial/ethnic tensions, food manipulation (GMO), disease management, propanda through mass-media, drug-dependency, entertainment- and consumption-dependency, the use of technologies to stifle free-thought, the list goes on and on. Virtually every aspect of life carefully manipulated to give persons the illusion of freedom and independence and choice.

Our perceived “freedom” as a “free citizen” is an illusion, when in reality we are serialized debt-slaves from birth, brainwashed and obedient. We’re like birds in an invisible cage, or like animals in a Zoo. You have a unique number and your Birth Record is a commercially tradeable document with a set monetary value. You will soon find out just how much your Birth Record and your real identity are actually worth! You will reclaim your good name.

The global financial system is NOT in our best interest. Banks and insurances and financial markets do NOT work for us, NOR do they really grow or protect our wealth. They live off of us!

The system is set up in such a way that we literally trade away our life for pennies on the dollar, chasing a life in the rat-race, to accumulate lots of debt, conforming our lifestyle to their programming, to buy stuff we don’t need, to impress others we don’t really like.

The Banking System and Financial Elite: Central Banks the world over are NOT government entities, but rather privately held, politically independent private banking cartels, outside of the purview of any government. (The U.S. central bank, the “Federal Reserve” or “Fed” is NOT a “federal” government entity!!! it was created in 1913 by private financiers to hold a monopoly on printing money)

Our government-issued money, “Fiat”-money, is intrinsically worthless. It’s about a valuable as MONOPOLY(R) play-money. Most modern currencies are no longer truly gold- or silver-backed the way it should be.

Modern Medicine has been hijacked by “Big Pharma” and many diseases and illnesses are easily cured or even eradicated, but for the significant financial profit they generate by way of patents and sales. Western doctors today are not “healers” but debt-slaves, forced to prescribe harmful chemicals to keep patients dependent rather than healthy. (not to mention harmful vaccine-cocktails!). Effective “alternative medicine” modalities are villified, ridiculed and suppressed because EFFECTIVE!

Public Education is nothing more than government-mandated Deep State brainwashing of humans from early childhood into early adulthood, to mould and maintain subservient debt-slaves. (“learn, obey, get a job, marry, make children, create debt, spend, die”) Individuality and clear-thought and questioning things are to be discouraged. Children’s natural innate abilities are quickly stiffled, chemically and by conditioning.

So what has been happening, and what is coming?

Humanity has been the subject of global battles between the dark forces (the Deep State) and the light forces (the White Hats). For over a century, the Deep State had been winning and consolidating its power over humanity. Between 2008 and 2012, a major time-shift took place, and the previously self-destructive path was replaced by the White Hats, putting humanity on a restorative, healing path, undoing much of the Deep State’s dark work. Between 2012 and 2016, more major shifts took place, further eroding the long-term plans of the Deep State (incl. global wars, global starvation, global disease, microchipping, forced vaccinations, etc.)

The current CV19 virus pandemic around the world in Spring 2020 was a last major attempt of the Deep State to wreak havoc around the world, destroy the global economy and fully enslave all of mankind more fully in many more sinister ways. This event, as originally planned, has failed, and the White Hats have used this event for their benefit to accelerate the transition to lasting peace and prosperity, forcing the world to take a required “reboot”.

The CV19 pandemic was never truly about a “virus” or a worldwide health pandemic. It was originally manufactured and released by the Deep State to ruin humanity for good. Those who took their orders from the Deep State, want the crisis and lockdown to continue as long as possible, and make people completely dependent and subservient.

Eventually, there will be a global information “blackout” for a few days (maybe 3? maybe 5?), shutting down all methods of inter-person communication, in order to fully remove all Deep State controlled media and reset all communications. Don’t Worry!!! It’s for a GOOD cause!

Information will come to light that the extend of global human trafficking — previously unknown to most — is in fact far worse, gruesome, brutal and inhumane as ever thought possible.

News will come to light, much worse than any horror film imaginable. Children, tunnels, sex abuse, human sacrifice, blood rituals, cannibalism. High-Ranking Politicians and present and former heads of state, royal family, high society, sports and entertainment celebrities and other VIP’s will be implicated.

Between 2008 and 2018, the global financial elite did not correct its previous erroneous ways, but rather devised more plans to use the wealth of the common citizens to transfer it from the common Citizen to the Elite, protracting the debt-servitude and keeping the masses from financial abundance forever. They benefitted from enormous government bail-outs (which were originally for the citizens!), and kept all the money to themselves, furthering their endless corruption and get-rich schemes.

This is now in the midst of transformation for the better! The Deep State is increasingly losing control over the financial system, losing their ill-gotten fruits, and a Global Financial Reset is coming!! (incl. a global currency reset!). Many currencies will revert back to being gold- or silver-backed, and will become more just, fair and bring more prosperity and financial abundance globally.

NESARA/GESARA, long discounted as “conspiracy theory” is in the making, and in the U.S., the Federal Reserve is now under the direct control of the U.S. Government (not the other way around any longer!), and steps are underway to eliminate the IRS and other obsolete government agencies/bodies.

Other nations will also completely revamp their financial and taxation systems, including currency reforms. The Euro will soon be a thing of the past, as every other forced monetary union experiment which went before it. Time will also finally show that the BREXIT will be a successful and correct move. (as would others leaving the EU). Be that as it may, the days of the EU and its globalist domination from Brussels are soon over.

Cryptocurrencies will also be the way of the future. Decentralized coins, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others will change the way we think about, hold, transfer and use money. Our present system of banking, insurance, finance, and investing will change considerably!

The now pending CV-19 crisis simply accelerated the global economic, financial and political reboot which would have been inevitable in the coming 2-5 years otherwise. The Virus was NOT the cause, but rather just a welcome accelerant!

The global financial elite has engaged in systemmatic deeply widespread fraud and deception with regard to lending practices (mortgages, car loans, consumer debts, student loans, income taxation, etc.). New systems will be devised and deployed, and much of the vast debts attached to one’s own personal number (and Birth Record) will be wiped and zeroed out. This will permanently remove any living human from debt-servitude forever.

Globalist organizations like the United Nations and the European Union will fail, and countries will return to more harmonious, nationalist nations, regaining their sovereignty, resulting in better quality of life for their respective populations and better agreements between nations. (more lasting peace!)

Many current heads of goverment and heads of state (and other leading politicians) will be revealed and replaced as Deep State puppets. Some countries will change structures altogether. The Deep State movement toward one-world globalism has failed. Notice how the conflict zones around the world have already calmed down? No more major wars lately!

All major social systems (education, medicine, employment, banking, etc.) will undergo significant beneficial transformations, and people will re-discover their true potential once again, and what it feels like to live FREE and with PURPOSE!

Presidents TRUMP, PUTIN and XI have been leading a global effort together to eliminate the Deep State and the cancerous forces that pervade the planet. Agreements have been reached which will soon benefit humanity as a whole, ringing in a new age. People will re-discover true freedom and abundance. Chances are you have not heard of the Yalta-2 Conference in Russia this spring, have you?

TRUMP had been approached by White Hats before 2012 to take on this difficult role and playing the “bad guy” in order to set things in motion and follow the plan to create a better world. He was tasked to “drain the swamp”, which extends far beyond just Washington, D.C. (and it’s not just about politicians, either). They had to find someone willing to take on the Deep State, who was not already corrupted by the system, and who was wealthy enough to not be able to be bought by the dark side.

He will also in all likelihood have a landslide re-election in November and continue his work, much of which has been behind the scenes, without the knowledge of the MSM, while allowing their continual badgering, ridiculing, and reporting of falsities, and other personal attacks on him.

July 4, 2020 will bring some historically significant news to the world.
Stay Tuned!!!

The time between now (May) and November and the end of this year 2020 will be very interesting and exciting. As things come to light, — finally! — much of this will be hard for the masses to comprehend and accept. It will go against so much they believed to be true.

You have to trust the greater plan and that everything is happening at the right time, exactly as it was meant to unfold. Everything in its divine time and sequence. 5-dimensional chess being played, and right now the White Hats are WINNING!

It is my sincere wish that so many haters, doubters, nay-sayers, and those shouting insults of “tin-foil-hat” and “conspiracy theorist” will eventually have to eat their portions of humble-pie, I will gladly provide the forks and whipped cream!

If it resonated with you, do share this post to others whom you feel need to read this, who either need to “wake up” or whom you feel will appreciate this information!

I’m entirely convinced of the information I have put down in this post, and that things outlined in terms of coming change will actually come to pass. Perhaps sooner, perhaps a bit later. The timelines are fluid. I genuinely feel that these developments are not “IF” but rather “WHEN and HOW SOON”. I’m putting this out there, in an effort to help you prepare for when the changes will be made known.

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