My major spiritual shifts in my life began in the Fall of 2006, when co-workers made me aware of this DVD-film “THE SECRET”, by Rhonda Byrne. ¬† I realized there was more to life, and that our unconscious journey through life on ‘auto-pilot’ was contributing to everyone’s feeling of victimhood.

For the next few years, I started discovering more of who I truly was, who I wanted to be and take more chances, less guided by fear. However, my true purpose continued to elude me.

Another major shift occurred in 2012, when I realized my life, though enlightened considerably, was still not in alignment with my true purpose, and I was still not on the right path, as there were many aspects of my human journey with which I was not satisfied.

This shift in my consciousness revealed to me the areas in my life which required serious change, if I were to ever regain control over my own existence and life on my terms.

The journey is far from over, the transformations nowhere near completion…but progress is being made.

When I am not working in my daily profession, I engage in a variety of other pursuits which I enjoy:

  • spending time with my dog
  • being a backyard Bee-Keeper and Chicken-Keeper
  • being a Koi Enthusiast and -Keeper
  • Writing and Publishing (incl. this blog, and my books on Amazon)
  • training in Krav Maga
  • engaging in the noble sport of Fencing
  • engaging in Pistol-shooting (at paper targets at a proper gun-range!)
  • gardening, learning about plants and herbs
  • traveling (as time and funds permit)
  • doing energy-work and spreading my light through my online outlets, writing, etc.

With “ABUNDANT WHITE LIGHT” it is my loving intention to share with you what I have come to learn and understand along my journey in the hope that some of what I have to say will resonate with you and bring you into alignment with your purpose and the life you are deserving of.