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2020 Rings in a New Age!

Ayahuasca Retreat

Are the Eyes the Window to Your Soul? – SANANGA to the Rescue!

My Candid Thoughts on “BREXIT”

How can YOU get into Crypto(currency)?

No More F.U.D.!

Turn to Angels for ABUNDANCE

Crypto-Currencies are here to Stay!

Being “offended” is Social Programming!

Getting to know Your Dark Side

Thoughts following Hurricane “Irma”

The Power of Collective Thought

Education Gone Off-Track

Reflections upon traveling in Europe

Our Most Expensive Luxury-Good

Hard Work CAN pay off, but doesn’t “have to”.

It’s OK to NOT be #1!

No Policing the Police

Bob Linde (Herbalist)

Daniela Mains (Acupuncture)

Kirk Kristensen (Coldwell Banker Realtor)

Dani Fox (Hypnotherapist)

The Great Parental Lie

Good Luck Formula

Western vs. Traditional Medicine

Health Organizations = Sham

History Cannot be UnHappened

P.C. is a Disease

Profiling by Name or Astrology

Stereotypes as Mirrors

The Allure of Dystopia

Less is More

The War on Consciousness


Big Brother

Banking and Currency

Reiki Box


Weather CAN be Influenced

Why Religion is a Farce

Healing From Past Relationships

Life Will Kick You in the Face!

Slave to the Machines!

Get Yourself out of a Rut!

Toxic Relationships

Change your Food, Change your Life.

Life Plan and Soul Contract

YOLO? Really?

Free Will vs. Destiny


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