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Banking and Currency

Anyone who pays attention, reads a lot (especially between the lines) and listens carefully will be amazed about the state of modern banking, the financial sector at large, taxation schemes, and currency management.

I find that the more I find out, the more I ponder these things, the more my head hurts and wants to “explode”.  I’m often dumbstruck about people’s lack of knowledge about some of these things, and even worse the lack of caring…

I just want to throw some things out there, as bullet points, to stimulate your thought-process, to engage in discussion, to awaking your desire to research and find out more, … simply, raise awareness.

So many of these things are poorly (or inaccurately) covered by Sheepstream media, and the “powers-that-be” are perfectly happy having the masses of sheep continue to not know or not care. Better for them!

  • The fractional-reserve lending is one of the greatest theft schemes of all time, and the account holder is the biggest loser.
  • Banks have devised clever ways to convert and seize actual tangible assets (like buildings, vehicles, boats, valuables, etc.) in exchange for lending you fictitious, imaginary money (a series of “1” and “0” binary code in a computer).
  • Banks charge you a variety of different fees for you allowing them to play with your money and earn handsome interests on your meager deposits.  YOU PAY THEM to house your money in their vaults (again, just fictitious, imaginary money, a series of “1” and “0” binary code in a computer).  If you do not keep enough money on deposit with them, they charge you more money, for the money you do not have!
  • The 40-hour+ work week at a modest salary or wage, subject to further taxation and payments for things you don’t even really “own” (or need) for the majority of your life, is nothing more than cleverly disguised slavery.  You work all your life, to pay debts all your life. (while “they” earn the big bucks off your life’s work)
  • Real Property “ownership” is nothing more than an illusion.  You never really truly OWN any land, you are merely a “tenant” at the will of the local government (read your DEED carefully!), nor are you “Free” to be your own free sovereign over your land. Think of all the different ways you can be restricted on what to do with “your” home and land.
  • There is an actual war on cash and bartering, because Big Brother cannot adequately monitor and control what you do with tangible methods of wealth exchange. Banks are beginning to limit cash in circulation and will devise methods to “encourage” (i.e. “force”) you to use your Debit card more than ever.  Eventually, they hope to go “cashless”.  It’s easier to take everything from you with a click of a mouse.
  • Virtually all legal tender currency in circulation around the world is so-called “Fiat”-currency, meaning a government has merely issued you a promise, an “I-O-U”, on paper, in exchange for your money, as opposed to actual backing by a hard commodity, such as Gold or Silver, etc.  Our cash currency is actually without any intrinsic value, just as though we were playing with “Monopoly”® money.
  • The “Federal Reserve” in Washington D.C., the official U.S. Central Banking System, is actually NOT an official agency of the U.S. federal government.  It is an entirely PRIVATE (= non-governmental) entity, under the auspices of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), essentially the Central Bank of the United Nations (UN).  Technically speaking, the United States do not even have their own federally governed central bank or truly government-issued currency.    Every U.S. Dollar bill clearly has “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE”  printed on it, effectively a private-entity issued “I-O-U” (debt-paper).
  • When you pay federal income taxes, you are essentially contributing to the income-stream of the UN’s IMF “Bank”, rather than the actual Federal Government whom you thought you were funding. The Federal Government needs to resort to other means of income to support its own infrastructure.*
  • Haver you ever really thought about why Washington, D.C. is not a U.S. “State”?  Have you ever considered the possibility that this relatively small parcel of 10 square miles of land between Virginia and Maryland is actually not truly part of the United States of America, but essentially part of the “United States Corporation”? –> Google “The Act of 1871”.*

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* Much more on this in a separate blog-post

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