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Free Will vs. Destiny

Our higher self has purposely agreed to live a limited human experience according to a life-plan and soul contract, splitting off a fragment to inhabit a human body for the purpose of experiencing life in the 3D world.

In this life plan or soul contract, we specifically agree to and accept certain enumerated conditions, events and experiences to take place throughout our upcoming life we are about to embark on.

This can include specific physical attributes of our body, circumstances into which we are born and live in, our human family, our upbringing, our professional devleopment and adult life, major life-events, whether or not to marry, have children, etc. our likes and dislikes, our fears and phobias, our talents, our propensities, basically the custom-makeup of what makes us “us”.

Think of the life plan as a map laying out certain immovable parameters which will guide us along our journey. Part of this life plan also contains a soul contract, which binds us to this human experience and also sets out our interactions with key people who will enter and depart our life at certain set times, as necessary and appropriate for our spiritual development, growth and understanding.

These ‘key people’ are usually those people who have a profound, sometimes direction-changing impact on our lives, for better, for worse. These people are familiar souls with whom we have crossed paths before, many times during previous human experiences, we called past lives. Oftentimes, they are assisting us in our experience, helping us through challenges, lessons. Sometimes, we are helping each other, because we will complement each other and only together can a certain understanding or learning take place. Sometimes, people are in our lives for reaons of Karmic debt on either side. This karmic debt can already be existing and this lifetime serves to achieve balancing out that debt, or this lifetime could serve the purpose of setting up some necessary karmic debt to be dealt with later.

While this is beautiful knowledge in and of itself, the problem for the vast majority of humans alive at this very moment is that they have forgotten this entirely, and are no longer aware of this. They have forgotten that their present, human experience for the most part has been planned and choreographed, and that no matter how good or how bad life may seem, much of the underlying current is predetermined.

It’s the so-called ‘small stuff’ between those predetermined parameters in which our human existence is given the ‘free will’ in order to seek personal expression. This is an immutable law of the universe and generally cannot be interfered with, unless a life-endangering or life-changing situation presents itself, which is NOT according to the life plan or soul contract. As long as our life progresses from one benchmark to the next, following the intended path, we are free to choose things along the way, take some occasional detours, experience life as we wish. This resolves what we as humans perceive to be an apparent paradox between “free will” and “destiny or fate”. Philosophical discussions have always taken place regarding whether humans choose their behavior and their actions, or whether they are subject to and victim of some higher plan over which they have no control. Both are correct. We are constantly subject to both.

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