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Get Yourself out of a Rut!

Do you feel dissatisfied with your present life situation? Are there conditions present which fill you with negative emotions? do you feel frustrated, down, depressed daily? feel like you can’t get out of bed or spend your waking hours in a meaningful way? feel like hiding under a rock?

All signs that your true essence in sending you to make changes in your life NOW. You are presently NOT living in alignment with your higher self’s true purpose. You are essentially veering off-course.

All aspects of your life will suffer eventually, unless you make some changes. Your mental health and your physical health. let alone the fact that you are wasting your time here on earth being miserable.

Try to figure out how long you have been in the funk. is there something that triggered it? can you pin-point a possible cause? what major life changes have you experienced? Honesty is key here. no need to share with others. What’s making you miserable? Are there bodily changes?

Change your diet, get exercise, spend time in nature alone, spend time with a pet, unplug from the world, disconnect from negativity.

Write down on a notepad things that make you unhappy. Write down things that make you happy. (don’t dwell on or in the past). look at the unhappy side, and figure out honest, respectable, non-hurtful and legal ways to deal with those issues. on the happy side, figure out how to do more of them. be fearless, dare to take the first step. Review your lists once a week or a few times a month. make progress.

Do not expect friends or family to be of help. oftentimes, they are a large part of your misery and will persuade you to continue in the familiar, miserable pattern, because of THEIR comfort, not yours. Instead, find others who sincerely care for your state of happiness, but have no personal stake in the outcome. Often, you will be surprised who in your life will be that person, and oftentimes NEW people will enter your life in some unexpected way because You presently need them in your life.

Make small changes daily, weekly, and don’t be afraid to rock the boat with your path of self-improvement. You will make others uncomfortable. You will leave others behind. You will grow happier in many ways along the way. Just give yourself some credit. You do not want to die, filled with regrets and memories of misery and inaction, when you had the power all along to make changes for the better.

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