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Healing From Past Relationships

Regardless of the nature of a relationship, whether intimate, romantic, personal, familial, professional or otherwise, when an established relationship between two people comes to an end, the aftermath can be difficult to deal with.

Whether the relationship was ended by mutual assent, or whether one person choose to end the relationship, chances are there is some sadness, anger, frustration, aggravation or even some degree of hatred there, along with any combination of other negative human emotions.

The relationship could have just ended very recently, or years ago. The potential to impact our well-being, physically, spiritually or emotionally, can continue for longer than the duration of the actual relationship.

If you are concerned about a particular relationship (or more than one), and you feel that this other person still has a negative or unwanted impact on you, despite the relationship having already ended, there are steps you can take to ‘cure’ this ongoing problem, which will bring you much-needed emotional and spiritual relief.

Take a bath, or shower, or otherwise immerse yourself fully in water. Water is a very powerful force in cleansing, not just in its physical properties, but also from a symbolic and spiritual aspect. Imagine the water washing you clean of any negative energy or emotions, and ridding you of the unnecessary ‘baggage’ that is weighing you down. Visualize the water absorbing it and carrying it away from you like dirt washing off your skin.

Once you have done that, find a quiet comfortable space to relax in where you will not be interrupted. Sit or lay down and make yourself physically comfortable and clear your mind, trying to shut out or down the unnecessary mental chatter. If it helps you, you may also light a candle, burn incense, or burn herbs like sage.

Visualize your entire body as a glowing light-form and picture it as radiating bright light from within. Next you need to visualize cords, ropes, strings, chains, or tubes attached to your body, like umbilical cords. It is not important what you call or how you perceive those attachments. These are energetic principles which cannot be adequately described with human language (i.e. words).

These cords attached to your form on one end have their other end at people who have some relationship with you or some impact on your life, regardless of our construct of time (past, presence, future). So these cords run between you and another person’s energy and will remain connected until either of you severs the connection. The connections will generally not disappear on their own.

Going back to the person with whom a relationship has ended, visualize a cord or several cords connecting the two of you. You need to hold the intention to now sever or disconnect from the other person. You can now visualize yourself either plucking or carefully pulling the cord(s) from your own body or you can also cut through them using some blade or other cutting implement you picture.

If you believe in the existence of angels, then Archangel MICHAEL is the appropriate angel for this type of energy-work. Call upon him to help you sever the cord(s) and to disconnect the two of you, and ask that all traces of any negative, hurtful or non-helpful energy between the two of you be eliminated.

As you visualize the cord(s) being disconnected, cut or severed between the two of you, you will begin to feel an energetic shift within you, like a weight or burden being lifted from you. You will quickly feel relieved or even energized. You should soon notice to no longer hold negative emotions or thoughts about the other person.

Whether you perform this “cleansing” on your own, or whether you accompany this with prayer to Angels, or some deity, the end-result is the same, because it is your intention which drives this energy-work. Your “belief” is secondary.

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