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Health Organizations = Sham

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news. I really hate to burst someone’s bubble, fervor and enthusiasm.  Especially when they really believe in their cause. It pains me, it really does.  I, as much as anyone, appreciate having a passion and a purpose.  I, too, love throwing my time, effort and yes, sometimes money, behind things I believe to be worthwhile and deserving.

But then comes along some smart-ass, know-it-all (like ME!) and suddenly reveals that my earnest efforts (whether energy, time or money) are in-vain because the very things I hope to achieve by contributing have no chance of ever changing for the better.

Let’s talk about that ugly, big elephant in the room (sorry, elephants!)… Health organizations, … [yep, there it is, I said it!]

Whether gov’t-run, NGO, or non-profit entities or so-called “Associations”.  Don’t get hung up on their titles, labels, names or tags… it doesn’t matter what you call them, or how they title themselves. They are by now for the most part common household names (no, I won’t name them here, you already know who they are!)

Huge organizations, huge administrative and personnel structures, huge budgets, fancy colorful literature (on- and offline), mega-marketing dollars at their disposal, and lots of grassroots-level “soldiers” to do their bidding, usually with worldwide HQs situated in big, fancy buildings of glass and steel

Now that we know WHOM we are talking about, and yes, that “big ugly elephant in the room” is now identified, let’s address what’s so egregious about it.

When you really try to step back, gain some distance, and try to observe, without emotion or judgment, — it takes a lot of effort, because they are CLEVER! — you will begin to see and understand that not all is as it outwardly appears.  Yes, your preconceived notions, thoughts and feelings about these organizations, will fight you “tooth and nail” as you develop a better, more accurate understanding.

The “XZY Association” or the “YZX Foundation” or the “ZXY Society” which publicly wants to be seen to champion its particular cause against a particular disease or condition in the world (insert any condition, disease or disorder of your choice here, really), in reality does alarmingly little to REALLY make even a dent in the “understanding”, “prevention”, “treatment”, or gosh-forbid, even “cure” much of anything.

Why is this? HOW can this possibly be? — “Steve, you must be mistaken“.  I know, I hear this a lot!  …YES. it really IS so.  All we need to do, is “FOLLOW THE MONEY”, as the old saying goes.   When you really dig down deep and unravel the layers and figure out WHO really funds (and thus influences) these organizations, you will understand the actual agenda at play and who’s really calling the shots.

Don’t ever buy into the official claims that “there is not enough funding“, or the “cure has yet to be found“, or “they are working hard to develop _____” etc. etc. etc.     These organizations have a reason for existing and they have a vested interest in continuing to exist, raise money, and funnel money elsewhere.

If humanity was suddenly rid of all disease, ailments, conditions and disorders, A LOT OF COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATIONS would be in BIG trouble, not to say in deep sh–! (and they know this!).

The truth is, the vast spectrum of what ails humanity healthwise, — this modern health crisis we are in, as a collective species, — is BIG-BUSINESS, and it’s the most lucrative and promising there is.

Real solutions to most every health-problem exist or could easily be implemented, but the never-ending quest for profits and earnings keeps the real problem-solving at bay much of the time.

Most health organizations have their agendas and their income-streams are lifelines to them. As long as they can continue to prey on giving people and organizations to continue funding them indefinitely, nothing much will ever be achieved.  The “fight against X” will continue forever, in a loop, because as long as there is a “fight against X” the funds will continue to flow….

Don’t just take my word for it.  Go out and research it for yourself. Peel back those proverbial onion-layers. Who stands to gain the most from the status quo and the lack of change or progress?  Certainly not those afflicted with the disease, ailments, conditions or disorders.

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