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Profiling by Name or Astrology

I find it remarkable when I take personal inventory over the people  in my life, or with whom I have crossed paths with during my (or their) life, that there are very often recurring “themes”, or “characteristics” among these people.

This is something we probably don’t really ever consciously “inventory” in our mind, but if we actually did sit still for while, ponder this and reflect on those who have really influenced who we are (were or have become), we WOULD notice certain oddities.

I for example,  I have very often had certain recurring “types” of people (possessing particular noticeable characteristics, behaviors, ticks, antics,…) in my life time and again.

Most noticeably, either on the very “GOOD” end of the spectrum of people who bring me lots of joy, happiness, love, loyalty, etc., as well as those on the “BAD” end of the spectrum who have brought me seemingly endless anguish, frustration, anger, sadness, disappointment, etc.

I have also noticed that within these “2 camps of polar opposites” (my “good camp” and my “evil camp”), there are many commonalities shared by those within each respective camp.

This can include “First Names” oddly enough, or certain outward (biological) characteristics, facial features, or people of certain cultural / ethnic / national background, people with particular likes or dislikes (which you may or may not share with them).  — I do not want to enumerate particulars, as not to offend.

I have even noticed that I have issues (‘frustrations’!) with members of a particular astrological sign. I won’t divulge which sign, as not to offend or put off anyone, but in my human experience they share certain traits SO OFTEN and SO CONSISTENTLY that it is IMPOSSIBLE to dismiss as “coincidence” or “chance”:

  • self-importance, incorrigible, tend to “know-it-all”
  • actual inner self-loathing, low self-esteem
  • pronounced outward sense of entitlement and “deserving” 
  • outwardly craving for attention and recognition, wanting to “belong”, trying to project high self-confidence
  • utter contempt for those who “call them out” openly on their B.S.
  • often quickly offended and respond spitefully, almost childish in their anger and emotional response

Over the years, I’ve become extremely skilled at “reading” people, gauging their energy, almost “profiling” them to a ” T “.  People often ask me how I manage to do this.

It’s simple, at least for me.  Often one or two of those “category identifiers” is enough for me to quickly determine the type of person I’m dealing with.  Yes, sometimes, I’m off or wrong, but not often.

I often turn it into a harmless, benevolent game I engage in when I people-watch somewhere in public.  I create a pretty good “profile” in my mind of the “subject-person” and if I come to know them or find out things about them, I’m often surprised (still) how often I was right or at least close.

I also believe that when we notice particular recurring things about people in our lives, that there is a REAL REASON for this!  Ever wondered why you tend to repeatedly attract particular types of people (and repel others)?

This is the Universe and/or Karma at work.  It’s showing us something we need to see. It’s teaching us something we need to learn or experience.  It’s reinforcing something we need to have for our own benefit and development.

Have some fun with this, and see if YOU can also notice repeat-patterns in the people YOU know and meet, — now, or in the past, or in the future.–  Pay attention! 🙂

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