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Life Plan and Soul Contract

As previously alluded to in other videos, we are eternal spiritual beings. As such we have made a conscious choice to split off a piece of our Essence and inhabit temporarily a human form in order to fully experience life in the 3D plane. Our ordinary soul-Essence inhabits much higher planes of existence where physical forms are not necessary, and therefore not possible.

Our Essence regards human life as a necessary means to seeks certain types of experiences, challenges, etc. Our Essence is constantly thinking “what would it be like to be this? or to feel this? or to do that? or to have that??” etc.

With that our Essence makes a “life plan” which lays out the various terms and conditions under which our soul, or rather a fragment of it, will take part in that role-playing game called “Life”. We decide consciously on the overall flavor our life will take, what major things we want to experience, what others we will encounter along the way (like other supporting actors in our film), what lessons we want to learn, what challenges and issues we want to experience and deal with, that karmic debt we want to resolve. This includes our physical attributes, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, etc. our relatives, friends, relationships, etc. etc. The design of our avatar and the role we will assume as human is fairly specific, along with basic ground rules.

As we are thrown into human experience, infinitely many variables affect us along the way, some random, some not, but all along the way, there are certain immutable landmarks or benchmarks which will come no matter what, according to the greater plan. many of the more trivial things along the way are left open to us, for purposes of human expression and free-will, however, the general movie-script is already set. This reconciles elegantly, our perceived contradiction between “free will” and “destiny/ fate”.

A far as those major landmarks or benchmarks within a given life plan, there are no accidents or coincidences. things happen according to plan at the intended time in the intended way. We simply forgot what’s in the plan. (we are not consciously aware of the movie-script). Most of our frustrations with our lives stem from the fact that we have simply forgotten “why” we are here. What was it again what our higher Self wanted us to see / do this time around???

Most of our inter-human interactions day to day, nodding at a stranger on the bus, holding a door open for someone at a store, asking a person what time it is, etc. those generally, are meaningless and of no further significance. (not always, but often so). However, pivotal relationships, such as close relatives, significant friendships, romantic partners, life partners (spouses), children, major adult influences (teachers, coaches, bossses, etc.) and others with whom a major event in life is defined (doctor, patient, lawyer, client, donor, recipient, etc), those are all components of our pre-birth life contract. Usually for mutual spiritual assistance or for karmic reasons. Oftentimes, the outer “role”that person plays is just that, a “role”. the TRUE reason for their being part of your life, and vice-versa, is the underlying spiritual teaching, growth, experience underlying everything involving you 2.

Every time we die, our soul fragment departs the body, returns to the Higher Self, and a sudden, immediate and complete understanding takes place as we are once again reminded of the original plan, and what other souls’ parts were in that plan.

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