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My Candid Thoughts on “BREXIT”

“BREXIT” (the departure of the United Kingdom / Great Britain from the European Union (“EU”) has been a highly controversial and highly debated topic.  Few geo-political topics have proven more devisive in recent months, especially in Europe or among Europeans.

The controlled Mainstream-Media (“MSM”) have done an awfully good job at portraying this as a form of socio-economic suicide for Britons, with dark and evil foreboding.

Those who consume MSM without question have totally subscribed to these doom-and-gloom visions, doing everything possible to spread their views and portray nothing but the worst consequences arising out of a departure from an international organzation which they have been brainwashed to believe is the political and economic “godsent”, when in fact it has been proven in recent years to have been a failed experiment.   (it sounded GREAT on paper, but the implementation and the effect on individual member-states has been anything but.)

The EU of course, in its own interest, wishes to portray ANY DEPARTURE by any member-state as nothing but “the worst possible thing imaginable”, wanting to do anything conceivable to dissuade anyone else from either considering a departure or following suit, and having their own “__exit” from the EU.

Truth be told, the EU is very frail as is, and by several economic experts from around the globe, the only ones really still holding the EU together are France and Germany, two major economic powerhouses.

The brazen departure of a major powerhouse-member, the United Kingdom, is a major blow to the image and continued justification of further existence for the EU.

Reeling from this tarnish on its own image of being a socio-economic-political “necessity” in today’s geopolitical arena, the EU wants to curtail any further “exit”-considerations by anyone else, which amounts to nothing but trying to ensure its own survival, regardless of whether it benefits the people of the member states or not.

I’ve done a lot of reading, studying and digesting of many things “Brexit” from all kinds of sources and materials. For those who are afraid of what will happen to Britain, I have a hopefully reassuring reply:   At the end of the day, when all is said and done, it will be BENEFICAL for the people of the UK and GB (and their dependencies).

Of course, initially, there will be difficulties and problems to overcome. This could, and likely will, take some years where it will be challenging. At the end however, I’m firmly convinced, it will turn out just to be the RIGHT, PROPER, and NECESSARY step to ensure the healthy survival of their country!

Brexit allows them to leave a SINKING SHIP!  Yes, I’ve finally mentioned and labeled the Big Elephant in the room!  The EU, and Europe as we know it, is on the border of a huge meltdown, and I feel intuitively (as do others with much more foresight than I have) that the British government is well-aware of this, and purposely pulled the emergency-brake, donned the parachute and ditched the EU, before it is too late.

(If you are out of the EU on-time, you are no longer obligated to save the other members or go down on the sinking ship!)

From my long-term intuitive perspective, UK/GB has just taken the only CORRECT action by leaving the EU.

I know that most of you will feel the unbearable need or urge to disagree with me, or consider me flatout “wrong” on this.   My answer to you is:  “Just hold out for some time, wait, and you will see that they had the courage to take the unpopular, highly debated, feared, but right path!” — time will tell.   IF I am somehow later found to be wrong on my predictions, I will be the first to ADMIT it.

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