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No More F.U.D.!

In the course of may “day-job” (my actual trained profession I practice in), I also belong to many professional groups and associations and pages online, in various online networks.

In many of these groups, highly-educated and highly-trained, skilled professionals of all ages are finding themselves getting sucked into so-called “F.U.D.”  (google it)

Many content- and discussion-contributors revel in this, hyper-involving self and others into “doom-&-gloom”, spreading and sharing all things negative… understandable, yes. Constructive? No.  It really appears (I’m trying to see things as objectively as possible here!) that the more negative content and stories can be shared and spread and discussed, the more people thrive in these elements of negativity. It’s almost like a form of “self-medication” with pills of misery.

My advise to those is:  Do NOT discount the powers of POSITIVE thinking and the powers of COLLECTIVE THOUGHT and FEELING.  —

Predominant focus on Fear, Despair, Negativity brings…….???? You guessed it!  MORE fear, despair, negativity.

— Let’s turn it AROUND. Strengthen the collective focus on HOPE, STRENGTH, FAITH, PERSERVERANCE, etc. and things will improve because they have to. We can’t shine our light, if we keep blowing out our candles because we’re so “scared, unsure, freaking out, etc.”


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