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Reiki Box

Have you ever heard of a “reiki box”?  Until some months ago, I had not. Although I am attuned to Level I and Level II, I was unaware of this simple, yet highly effective method for energizing my “requests”, which are essentially prayers (expressing wishes, gratitude, healing, support, etc.).

By creating a specific Box, you are designating a highly energized, targeted space to contain all of your specific items to which you want as much of the powerful, healing, loving energy to be directed as possible.

  1. Find or buy any old (or new) wooden box. If it is not ornate, or decorative in any way, make it “uniquely yours”, or keep it plain-&-simple, it’s up to YOU, since it’s YOUR box.  Don’t overthink it.  Just do what feels right.  You will “know” when it’s the right box for you.  If it is used (someone else’s previously), then you would want to “clear the old energy” from it, by any cleansing ritual you choose.
  2. Next, keep a stack of notecards or small pieces of paper handy. (don’t use sticky-notes as they tend to clump together, etc.) Write 1 request, or prayer, or affirmation, or statement, etc. on each piece and with loving, positive intention, place it in the box.  I find that the order of items is NOT important, since everything contained within the box will be equally energized.
  3. Add other items of spiritual or sentimental or energetic value to you into the box.  This could be pictures, anything hand-written, crystals, gemstones, amulets, symbols, items of precious metal (or stone or wood), rings, necklaces, talismans, trinkets, etc.  (you get the point!)
  4. When you write out your individual requests, let your Self be guided on what (1) areas of your life,  (2) people in your life, (3) subjects, ideas, concepts, etc.  are deserving of special attention, or healing, or loving energy.  Where would you like to see change or improvement?  –> Write it down!  That’s where the energy will go.*
  5. Reiki cannot change or determine the future, BUT it does accompany our own positive intentions for the Greatest and Highest Good of all involved. When we offer Reiki to a future situation we are asking that situation to be receptive to the benefits of Reiki.
  6. You cannot ask for something, which is specifically harmful or hurtful to another being (tempting as that may be sometimes!). You can’t wish “bad things” upon others, nor wish something directly contrary to their own free will.  — Whenever possible, the Universe will try to align things harmoniously to make things “work out”, but free will cannot be interfered with.
  7. When you decide to remove and replace your Reiki requests, either because they were fulfilled, or because you have altered the request before fulfillment, or a deadline passed without fulfillment, either tear up the pieces of paper or burn them, releasing them for good.
  8. Charge up your box frequently, by holding it in your hands, and focusing all of your loving intention and creative thought on the box and its contents.   Even when you are nowhere near your box, frequently send positive, happy and loving thoughts to it by thinking of it and visualizing it.

Lastly, for those of you who do not want a physical box, or want a way to have a “box” with you whenever you’re “on-the-go”, you can also create a virtual box for yourself on your phone or device.

You can do this by keeping a WORD- or TXT-file on a computer, you can keep notes in something like “Google Keep”, or you can even download and install a Reiki Box App on your smartphone. (this particular app has some limitations, but it’s a good start;  there are also some comparable others out there for Android an iOS).

Pretty much any method you choose will work!  Try more than one…
Now go out and create the life and circumstances you intend!


you should experiment with different levels of specificity when you write your requests. Be specific with your request but DO NOT worry or concern yourself with the “HOW” (that is the job of the Universe to arrange).  Include as much detail, including a “deadline” if you want, or be as general as you can be, while still being clear in your intention.  You will notice some things manifest quickly, while other seem to not at all… 

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