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By means of my materials and teachings I hope to assist you in your further spiritual growth and development, help you find more clarity and purpose in your present life. Perhaps many of you are struggling with various aspects of your life and need some answers. Perhaps you need someone else’s perspective on things, to give you the “bigger picture”. I want you to have the courage to live your life, be your Self, and have fun along the way. Don’t take life or your Self too seriously.

For many of you watching, what I have to say will resonate with you, because you have an innate understanding that what I say is true, and you know it to be so, and perhaps only needed a reminder. So here I am, reminding you of your own true power and your own true greatness.

For some of you, some of what I say will be uncomfortable because it challenges what you have learned to believe. You aren’t sure if what I say is to be believed or not because you haven’t yet decided which version holds more truth, if any. Some of what I say may not resonate with you at all, and that’s ok. Everyone learns at their own pace, and some beings are ‘opened’ and ‘aware’ more so than others.

As I see it, spiritual knowledge and learning takes place differently for every single person, and is not governed by our limited understanding of time and space. When your human consciousness, which is significantly more limited than your Higher Self, is ready to receive certain spiritual knowledge and improved understanding, it will be delivered.

You are certainly free to pick and choose what you wish to take away from the information I present you. I’m sharing with the world and it’s my gift to you. If some of it is useful to you, then we are both happier for it.

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